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Wiltshire My Support Plan

My Support Plans


What is a My Support Plan?

A My Support Plan is Wiltshire's way of supporting young people who do not meet the criteria for a My EHC Plan.

At this level, a Lead Worker will not be involved, but a My Support Plan can be completed by an educational setting or another professional working with a young person and used to plan and co-ordinate their support.


Who will have a My Support Plan?

Just like My Plans, My Support Plans are person centred and outcome focused. This means they are designed to concentrate on individual needs and prioritise the things that important to, and important for, an individual. If used properly, My EHC Plans and My Support Plans should evolve with an individual.


What should you do if you think your child needs a My Support Plan?

Talk to the class teacher or SENCo in the first instance. Although Wiltshire Local Authority SEND Lead Workers will not be involved in writing a My Support Plan, because it is not statutory, they may still be able to give advice if you call their Single Point of Contact (01225 757 985)


What is the connection between a My EHC Plan and a My Support Plan?

A My Support Plan is not a legally binding plan, so not all schools will complete one and some will have their own approach to this level of support. However, Wiltshire Local Authority have tried to design a My Support Plan to match up as closely as possible with a My EHC Plan, so that if a young person’s needs increase, their support can be delivered without interruption

The document below will show you the template for a My Support Plan