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Climbing to new heights together

Supporting Positive Mental Health and Well-Being

Whole School Considerations:

As the children settle back into school life, it will be perfectly normal for things to continue to feel different for a while. It is important that all adults in school ensure that the children know that they can share thoughts, feelings and questions at any time.

During Transition Week (week beginning 7th September), children will attend school in small groups across the 5 days.  This will enable the class teacher and TA to work more closely with their groups, to settle them back to school and orientate them to their new surroundings, which may seem unfamiliar after such a long time away. The creative arts will be used predominantly, during this week, to address key issues and learning intentions and will continue to be a focused approach as we progress through the Recovery Curriculum period.


Alongside the activities built in to our Recovery Curriculum Project: "Here We Are.", as a staff,  we have planned  for a range of different activities that will enable this opportunity for children to express how they are feeling - including:


  • Personal Journals for each child to note thoughts and feelings;
  • A class worry box for children to leave notes detailing questions or concerns; 
  • Dedicated mindfulness and reflection sessions embedded into the weekly timetable;
  • Regular opportunities for prayerful reflection and contemplation;
  • Identified key staff members who are available to listen and talk with children 1-1 or in smaller groupings;
  • Designated ‘calm and reflection spaces’ in the school that children can visit to relax;
  • A dedicated book display in the class book area and the school library featuring titles that explore feelings;
  • Identifying children who may need additional support and drawing on wider pastoral and therapeutic resources and services to facilitate this. These may include art and play therapy with trained support staff or services.
We will be drawing on resources and activity suggestions from key support websites.