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Church of England Primary Academy

Climbing to new heights together

Re-Establishing and Building Relationships

Supporting our children to build positive relationships with others:


Many of our children will require support to rebuild their strong relationships they once had in school. They may need to re-learn how to interact in class, take turns and share, problem solve, seek help from an adult when it's needed and know which adults help and keep them safe when they need them. 


To support this area, our curriculum will:


- build in opportunities to develop turn taking and sharing. 

- provide children with independent learning opportunities to develop joint play

- ensure adults build in opportunities to give sole attention to pupils to rebuild relationships. 

- build in PSHE opportunities to explore which adults in school keep us safe, and how they do that. 


There are a number of activities around building and re-establishing relationships which are built in to our project;           " Here We Are".