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Our Recovery Curriculum Autumn 2020

A Recovery Curriculum: Loss and Life for our children 




At Whitesheet CE Primary Academy we put your child’s well-being at the centre of our thinking and planning. We acknowledge that all our children will have had different experiences during this time.

Nobody quite knows how adversely affected our children have been by their time away from school and the challenging and confusing times we have all been caught up in over recent months. However, the common thread running through all of this, is the loss of a familiar school routine and structure, friendship, opportunity and freedom.  These losses can trigger anxiety in any child.  Some of you may have even experienced this with your own children. Schools are so much more than places which provide education - they are about people and relationships.  Our schools are communities; we embody values; we model relationships required for modern life to function: collaboration, getting on with others, friendship and we support each other to thrive emotionally as well as academically. 


We know that an anxious child is not in the best place to thrive and learn effectively. So, with this in mind, the school community has thought about the most effective way to support your child’s ability to re-engage with their learning on their return to school. Our attention shifts as much towards helping children come back to us and each other as it necessitates considering the formal curriculum. Our recovery curriculum needs to balance how to learn best with what to learn.  Our approach is based on the research and work of Professor Barry Carpenter, taken from his Recovery Curriculum model:


What is it?   


Professor Barry Carpenter developed the Recovery Curriculum, as a response to the losses described above.  It is a way for schools to help children come back into school life, acknowledging the experiences the children have had.  We want children to be happy, feel safe and able to be engaged in their learning.   We have decided that a way to achieve this for the children is to acknowledge the importance of helping them lever back into school life using the following 5 Levers.




Professor Barry Carpenter, CBE is Professor of Mental Health in Education at Oxford Brookes University.

Below is a link to his podcast on the Recovery Curriculum.