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Climbing to new heights together

Gallery of all your fabulous activites!

Georgia has been super busy with her home learning. She wrote an amazing poem - lovely! She also has cycled 8 miles with her family. Well done Georgia!

Elliot Hayes has produced a super piece of artwork showing his Native American and he has spent lots of time with his Grandad, building a pirate ship- amazing stuff Elliot!

Ellie May has been really busy, following the home learning plans and helping her mum as well.

Oakley has been really enjoying Georges Marvelous and the activities that are linked to it. Well done Oakley!

Kian has been super busy with his home learning this week. He has been doing Science, art bubble prints, Yoga, PE and he has listened to the story of Georges Marvelous Medicine! Well done Kian I am very proud of you.

Jessica and Harriet have had great fun mixing different things with water. What a mess! They have also enjoyed listening to Georges Marvelous Medicine. Can you spot Nathaniel and Elliot?

Leah has been working hard following the weekly home learning plan and enjoying the Cosmic Yoga and PE- well done Leah.

Charlotte has had a super busy time reading- take a look at all of the books she has read, maybe you could have a go at some of her book choices? Charlotte has also spent lots of time outside around the farm, worming the sheep and cycling with her dad.

Leah has made a reading den in her garden so she can enjoy a book in the shade- good thinking Leah.

Georgia has had a super busy week doing lots of things on the farm and lots of home learning. Can you spot the art installation called Ribbons of Light by famous light artist Bruce Munroe. It's beautiful!

Milly's potion!

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Milly has made her own marvellous potion.

Look at these amazing sketches by Jessica, what a budding artist she is, keep it up Jessica you are fabulous!

I am so proud of your amazing reading Georgia. Sending lots of love to you from all of us at Whitesheet.

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Happy 7th birthday Milly, with love from all of us at Whitesheet - Its lovely to see your gorgeous smile. I love your medal design - you have done us proud. I like to walk at King Alfred's Tower too!

A beautifully written poem about a hedgehog Joshua, you are a poet in the making. I love hedgehogs too! I'm very proud of you.

Oakley has been busy making birthday cakes for Mummy, nature walks, math's and he has been enjoying BBC bite size. Well done Oakley, I am so proud of you.

Oakley has made a solar powered rocket with his Daddy. Its brilliant, a scientist in the making Oakley!

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Ellie May has been super busy; doing her school work, looking after her snails, baking for VE day and creating some beautiful art. I love your Monet painting- well done Ellie May!

You look HAPPY George. Thank you for your poster, it's lovely to see you!

Elliot Hayes has designed his perfect school complete with a hot tub, a garden for relaxation and a bouncy castle! I love it Elliot!

Thank you for your BE HAPPY message Mrs Morse. Its so lovely to see you!

Thank you for your lovely message Albert, we miss you!

I love your poster Ed, thank you! We hope you are happy too!

Joshua's amazing poem about Spring.

Joshua has created a lovely BE HAPPY poster! Thank you

Georgia has been really busy over these past few weeks doing all sorts of things. The lambs have grown and the VE day picnic looked fun!

Ed and Albert suggest trying laughing yoga if you need to cheer yourself up!

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Charlotte has been busy on the farm and with her school work. as well as having a lovely VE day with an amazing looking cake- yummy!

Hollie had a super VE day and the food she made with her mum looks amazing! Great work Hollie!

Jayden has been super busy doing school work and made some beautiful bunting to hang in his window to celebrate VE day- well done Jayden!

Lily has been busy - I love your comic strip and your spring poem. We all miss you too!

Jessica helped to prepare for their VE day celebrations by making cookies, such a great skill Jessica! What a lovely picnic with your family too.

I was blown away by Stefan's Monet painting- absolutely fantastic work Stefan well done! Stefan has also enjoyed making a den with his mum- what special memories.

Hollie had a go at Morse code and wrote a message for her mum to decipher. What a lovely message Hollie, I love it! Thank you.

Elliot Hayes helped his family to create some fabulous decorations and cakes to celebrate VE Day- well done Elliot!

Albert and Ed have been busy doing a science project and preparing to celebrate VE day- great job boys!

Lovely to see you using White Rose for Maths Milly and I like your plant poster too. I'm so proud of you!

Ruby and Evie are enjoying learning their phonics with Rosie and the Oak National Academy virtual lessons, love it girls, I'm so proud of you! Those cakes look yummy, can I have one please?

Ed F H has been working hard. I can see you are using your reading booklet Ed, and I like your painted bunting. Well done!

Ed has been learning Spanish!

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Kian has been hard at work preparing for VE day. Your bunting looks great - well done!

Jayden has been working hard- I can see he has particularly enjoyed the cricket booklet- well done Jayden.

Tommy has been very clever and creative and made a model of Castle Hill. He made it out of cement in an old bucket. Fabulous work Tommy, well done.

Elliot H has been very busy engineering with his Knex and he has painted a fabulous picture of Stourhead in the style of Monet- amazing work Elliot, well done.

Chloe and Ryan's apple cake... it looks scrummy!!

George has been busy with home learning. Did you enjoy the camping? You look very grown up reading your book!

Mrs Morse has asked if you would like to name the black chicks in the pictures. They are so sweet! If you email your name suggestions to your class teacher we will forward them to her.

Joshua has been busy!

Mrs Morse wanted to share the good news that the chicks have hatched. How exciting! thank you for the pictures.

Look who has been busy baking over Easter. Such a good skill Milly! I like your picture of where you live, can you add labels to it?

Oakley has been really busy. He has been helping to plant seeds in his garden whilst keeping up with home learning! What skills you are learning Oakley. Its lovely to see you!

Izzy has been doing some home learning and enjoyed a visit from her neighboring cows! Ruby has been cooking - such a great skill. Lovely to see you Izzy and Ruby!

Georgia has been learning French from her Aunty via Zoom! She has also been baking, helping with lambing and had a Teddy Bears tea party. What skills you will have at the end of this Georgia!

Charlotte's Easter- learning French with her Aunty, walking the dog, baking and looking after orphan lambs- lucky girl!

Hollie's Easter Egg hunt- some great clues Hollie, well done!

Ryan and Chloe's Easter Egg Hunt- Great work guys!

Albert's garden poem- what a fabulous independent try Albert- well done!

Hollie hard at work!

A ray of light for us all. Ed and Albert are hoping that these hatch out. Keep us posted please ...

Ruby and Evie have been writing their high frequency words. Well done girls!

Joshua and the insulate a cup challenge. Looks good to me Joshua!

Lovely to see you Evie and Ruby - What have you been learning?

Lovely to see you Milly! I love your poster about the life cycle of a flower and I also love your natural pattern called 'sun' in the style of artist James Brunt. Go Milly!

Joshua has been busy with writing, science experiments, mindful colouring and fractions. Team Terry also rescued some frogspawn and found a newt. Great Joshua!

Albert and Ed starting their Science investigation to insulate a plastic cup- well done boys.

Lovely to see you Jessica - what seeds are you planting? Well done for doing your reading comprehension

George has created a family tree - lovely George - keep writing!

Winter- White Home Learning in the Garden

Joshua has been out and about in his garden - how lovely. Lots of signs on spring!

Wednesday 25th March - George has made a fantastic Easter basket. I hope the Easter Bunny comes!

Team Ransome having a work out. Well done Guys!

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Georgia looked for signs of spring and has planted carrots, spring onions, strawberries and broccoli. Yum!