Keeping Children Safe
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If the weather is very bad in the morning you can find out whether the school will be open for the day by looking on the school website:  
You can also get this information on whether the school will be open by listening to Breeze Radio.  They give local school opening information every 15 minutes.
Breeze Radio is broadcast on 107.5 for Frome and West Wiltshire and 97.4 or 96.6 for North Dorset.
As it is possible that we may have some bad weather in the next few months we need to ask you to check and update your day time contact names and telephone numbers.   This is just in case, for example, it snows and the bus company decides that the school must be closed at lunchtime to get everyone home safely - and you are out shopping!  Please ensure that we have a telephone number for someone locally who will have your children in an emergency.
Thank you for your co-operation.