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Pupil Premium

In 2016-2017 we have 11 children qualifying for pupil premium and we will receive £16, 420. Our main barrier is that a number of children who qualify for pupil premium also have significant educational needs and we also have a few children who are pupil premium but need to deepen their learning and make greater progress.   The support that is offered this year is based on two factors.  Firstly the needs of individual children and secondly the analysis of effectiveness of the support last year. From September we are offering;
  • individual mentoring
  • emotional literacy support
  • small group support for basic maths skills
  • group support to increase working memory and sequencing
  • classroom support to ensure understanding of tasks and breaking tasks into small steps
  • classroom support to move on to the next step in learning ensuring more children are deepening their learning in lesson and over a sequence of lessons
  • financial support to access after school clubs and visits out of school

The above will be reviewed six times a year with the child, member of staff, class teacher and parent and formal pupil progress meetings will be held in December, March and July.  The interventions may change as a result.  This may be due to success of the interventions and objectives are achieved and therefore we can now address a different need or the fact that it is not having the impact required and a different intervention will be provided.