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New Head Announcement

31st OCTOBER 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,

I am delighted to inform you that the governing body have successfully appointed the new permanent Head of School for Whitesheet Academy. Mrs Vanessa Higgins will be taking up the post from January 2018.

Mrs Higgins is presently part of a senior leadership team in a Dorset school, where she takes the lead role in inclusion throughout the school.

It was clear on the day of the interview that as well as being a great leader, Mrs Higgins is clearly an outstanding classroom practitioner and with her KS2 teaching expertise, will be teaching some of the core curriculum to the children in Golden Eagles. I know the children will be excited by this, as they certainly enjoyed the literacy lesson she delivered on the day of interview!

With the appointment of the new Head of School role, the governors have considered the staffing structure that uses the skills and expertise of each individual member of the team. In order to provide as much continuity and consistency for the children for the rest of the academic year, I am delighted to announce that Mrs Edmed has agreed to take on the full class responsibility for the teaching of the Golden Eagles pupils. Mrs Ewins has decided to focus on developing aspects of her educational music business. We thank her sincerely for her great contribution to school life at Whitesheet over the last half term.

Our new Head of School, Mrs Higgins will be coming to Whitesheet on a number of occasions this term, to ensure a smooth transition into her new lead role. We are arranging a date in the next few weeks for a quick meet and greet opportunity with parents, and I will let you know as soon as we have confirmed the date with her.

Having been involved in the life of the Whitesheet since the Summer, I am relieved and absolutely delighted at the appointment that has been made. I feel extremely confident that the school will go from strength to strength under Mrs Higgins’ visionary leadership and I know the children and staff will be in safe and nurturing hands.

Yours truly,

Sarah Sprague